Reception Layout // Add An Extra Table!

Nov 30, 2019
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Welcome to Wedding Planners In San Antonio's journal, where we provide valuable insights and tips to create the perfect wedding experience for you and your loved ones. In this article, we will discuss how you can add an extra table to your reception layout to accommodate more guests without compromising on style and elegance.

Creating a Seamless Reception Layout

A well-designed reception layout is crucial for a successful wedding celebration. It plays a significant role in ensuring that your guests are comfortable and can fully enjoy the evening. Adding an extra table can make a significant difference, especially if you have unexpected guests or a larger-than-anticipated RSVP count.

Assessing the Venue Space

Before adding an extra table, it is essential to assess the available space at your chosen wedding venue. Take into consideration the overall size of the reception area and whether it can comfortably accommodate an additional table. You want to ensure that the new table does not overcrowd the space or create any logistical challenges.

Choosing the Perfect Table

Once you have determined that adding an extra table is feasible, it's time to choose the perfect table that seamlessly blends in with your existing reception layout. Consider the style and theme of your wedding when making this decision. You want the table to complement the overall aesthetic while providing a functional space for additional guests.

There are various types of tables to choose from, such as round tables, rectangular tables, or even unique-shaped tables. Selecting the shape and size that best suits your needs is essential. Round tables, for example, encourage conversation and create an intimate atmosphere, whereas rectangular tables allow for a more linear and organized layout.

Placement and Flow

Once you have chosen the extra table, it's time to determine its placement within the reception layout. Consider the flow of the room and ensure that the added table does not obstruct any important areas such as the dance floor or the entrance. You want to maintain a seamless flow so that guests can move around freely and enjoy all aspects of the celebration.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some additional tips and tricks to guide you in adding an extra table to your wedding reception layout:

1. Optimize Space

If space is limited, consider using smaller tables or mix and match different table sizes to create a visually appealing layout. Incorporate the new table strategically so that it enhances the overall design without creating any congestion.

2. Decorate with Purpose

Ensure that the decorations on the extra table match the rest of the reception decor. Coordinate the tablecloth, centerpieces, and any other decorative elements to maintain a cohesive look throughout the venue.

3. Adjust Seating Arrangements

Once the extra table is added, review your seating arrangements and make any necessary adjustments. Ensure that all guests have comfortable seating and can easily interact with others at their table.

4. Communicate with Your Venue and Caterer

Keep your venue coordinator and caterer informed about the addition of an extra table. They can provide valuable guidance and assist in creating a seamless experience for both you and your guests.


Adding an extra table to your wedding reception layout can be a practical and stylish solution to accommodate more guests. With careful planning and consideration, you can seamlessly integrate the table into your existing layout, ensuring that all your guests have a memorable experience. Remember to optimize space, decorate with purpose, adjust seating arrangements, and communicate effectively with your venue and caterer. Wedding Planners In San Antonio is here to help you create a remarkable wedding celebration that surpasses expectations. Get in touch with our expert team today for personalized assistance and guidance for your special day!